The Ananda Yoga Paradise

Our Vision:

AYP develops professional, highly-skilled international standard Yoga Teachers, in an ideal environment to build a healthy body and mind, a balanced life, and attain true happiness (Ananda).

Our Mission:

  • To share knowledge of Yoga, so Yoga Teachers & Practitioners have a better understanding of Yoga in all areas. and become leaders in the Yoga community, worldwide.
  • To develop great Yoga Teachers that can teach worldwide.
  • To support other organizations that promote Yoga Activities, and the International Professional Yoga Teachers Network.

Ananda Yoga Paradise Chiangmai

‘Ananda Yoga Paradise’ is the first yoga school in Chiangmai that is accredited by both the Thailand Ministry of Education and Yoga  Alliance, USA (RYS200).
It is owned and operated by Parichat Andraes (Kru.Apple).

‘Ananda Yoga Paradise’ has 2 branches.

‘Ananda Yoga Paradise at DoiKham’ (Gold Mountain), located in the foothills above Chiang Mai, is the ideal setting for education, meditation, and rejuvenation. Only 20 minutes from Chiangmai International Airport, our facilities include a large modern fully-equipped yoga hall, beautiful common & dining areas, zero-edge swimming pool, deluxe private and dormitory rooms, plus interesting things to do and see nearby.

‘Ananda Yoga Paradise at Serene Lake’ is a garden sanctuary surrounded by rice paddy and lotus ponds, at the nexus of three powerful ley lines, only 10 minutes from the hustle & bustle of downtown Chiangmai.


Owned and operated by Kru Apple a skilled and highly educated Teacher, Healer, Meditator, and Yogi.

Kru Apple Andraes

Ananda Yoga Paradise is owned and operated by Kru Apple, a skilled and highly-educated Teacher, Healer, Meditator, and Yogi.

Kru Apple blends her knowledge of Human Anatomy/Physiolo Insert your content heregy, (Masters Degree in Nursing from Chiang Mai University) and knowledge of Meditation & Human Energy Anatomy, (Bachelor of Buddhism from Dhammakaya Open University, USA) with advanced skills & education as a Master Yoga Teacher.

Kru Apple was Assistant Teacher with Yoga Master Anup Gupta of ‘Ananda Yoga Shala’ in Rishikesh, India from 2018-2019
Kru Apple’s superior knowledge, teaching, yogic skills, and joyful personality, make every yoga class fun and deeply enriching.

Ananda Yoga Paradise joint ventures with ‘Tattvaa Yogashala’

by Yoga Master Yogi Kamal Singh.

Yoga Master Yogi Kamal Singh.

Kru Apple’s Ananda Yoga Paradise now joint ventures with ‘Tattvaa Yogashala’, #1 yoga school in Rishikesh, India and operated by Yoga Master Kamal Singh, #1 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher in Rishikesh and one of the ‘100 Most Inspiring Yoga Teachers in India’.

Ananda Yoga Paradise


Yoga Teacher Training School in Chiangmai

We offer Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC 200 Hour) at a beautiful hilltop resort 20 minutes from Chiangmai Airport taught by some of the world’s finest Yoga Alliance USA certified Teachers.

Yoga Travel

We offer ‘Yoga Teacher Training’ abroad. Our ‘Yoga Teacher Training Course’ (TTC) are accredited by Yoga Alliance, USA (RYS200). We also arrange ‘Yoga Travel’ for those who want to travel abroad and experience the beauty of a different country for a week.

Individual & Group Classes

We also provide the special knowledge for yoga teachers and practitioners who desire deeper yoga knowledge

Yoga Workshop

Other famous Yoga Teachers from Thailand & around the World share their special knowledge & techniques at weekend workshops.

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